Corrugated paper industry

Agents for the manufacture of corrugated paper

Paperforce is a product developed to partially replace the starch used in coating during the manufacture of papers intended for the production of corrugated cardboard.

Indeed, these papers must provide a particular rigidity to withstand the constraints of the packaging.

Paperforce, available in grades adapted to each situation, allows better control of the starch rheology and also improves its efficiency while preserving the associated costs.

Certified for several years by specialized laboratories for its suitability for food contact (which authorizes the use of cartons for the transport of foodstuffs), Paperforce is in the process of being registered with the BfR as part of its recommendation XXXVI listing the good practices in this area.

Over the years, DistriJEM has developed know-how and in-depth knowledge of the corrugated stationery world (PPO) and supports its customers during the implementation of Paperforce.