Manufacturer of liquid organic formulations

From mainly bio-sourced products, we create and test innovative and sustainable solutions.

Who are we ?

A subsidiary of a familyowned group, DistriJEM was created in 2004 to connect industrial needs with existing but undervalued byproducts.

Specialized in the treatment of liquid organic matter, DistriJEM has marketed several hundred thousand tonnes of products in all sectors of activity since its creation, positioning itself as one of the leaders in the sector.

Located in Brionne, in the Eure department south of Rouen, the company has an industrial facility for the production, storage and processing of treated products as well as a highperformance research and analysis laboratory.

Our raw materials

Over the years, DistriJEM has studied and recovered many industrial byproducts but has clearly specialized in the recovery of liquid organic materials.

As a partner of big names in the food industry, DistriJEM has regular and secure supplies for the design and manufacture of its products.

Our knowledge of the market also allows us to identify, offer and transform other plant-based resources according to our customersneeds and always with a view to reduce the carbon footprint (biobased products, short circuits, green energy).